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The Potty's Song - Saskia
Lisp be Gone - Saskia
No Thumbsucking - Saskia

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Being a kid is hard work sometimes! Wouldn't it be great if they had a fun survival guide? Well look no further! Juno Award Winner Saskia Garel has created ALL IN A DAY'S PLAY featuring 24 songs that give you a glimpse into your toddler's day as they face potty training, meal and bedtime battles, lisping, sharing, thumbsucking and more.  All set to catchy melodies and fun lyrics in diverse musical genres to help them on their journey through life!  It's music so good even parents will enjoy again and again and again....           


                        YOUR KIDS WILL THANK YOU!



I Matter Because They Matter.jpg

A poem written by my beautiful daughter about why she matters. Inspired by

Ruby Bridges and Rosa Parks. Music from the Empire soundtrack. 

Watch these videos from ALL IN A DAY'S PLAY!
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Un Deux Trois Quatre.png
Un Deux Trois.jpg

Tamara P.


Saskia has an amazing voice. It seems to be able to do anything. Her children have great voices, too, and the addition of them on many of the tracks is touching and fun and very, very cute. My favourite part of the album is the cultural diversity and worldliness of the language and the music. Children's music can get very generic and boring (since we are listening to it OVER AND OVER again). Listening to this album, on repeat, doesn't get tedious, though, cause there is so much variety and humour and theatricality. Makes for great dance time with your babe, good sing-a-long fun and is a perfect driving-in-the-car soundtrack. I can't wait till my baby is old enough to sing the words with me. Thanks for the great album!



Courtney M.

Fun for kids and adults

My baby and I love listening to this album, it's fun and diverse :)



Candice C.

The songs are super fun and catchy! Both my two year old and 9 month old enjoy listening to it.  I found myself humming it too.  I particularly LOVE LOVE LOVE the "No Thumbsucking" song, it sticks in my head. The lyrics are so fun and so true! I can totally relate to it given that I have a 9 month old who constantly sucks on his thumb since he was a week old :) You can totally tell that it's written by a loving mother! 




Lots of Fun!!

This is the most incredible and unique children's album I have ever heard. It is contagious, clever, entertaining, funny and different. Every time I listen to the album I hear something that I didn't catch before.  I just can't get enough.  The songs are all so different and your children will learn a little something in each song.  Thanks for this album. My children just love it and have memorized nearly all the songs already.



Christine S.

This is an amazing CD written and performed by an obviously uber talented momma and her family! Please check it and her out!! My kids were glued to the computer last night listening to it and checking out the music video to the thumbsucking song! So much fun, I'm in awe of all of her amazing accomplishments!



Marva A.

Hip Hip Hoorah!

All In a Day's Play - what a delightful recording of essential truths presented in a fun and unassuming way, creating learning experiences for children and becoming a teaching tool for parents and teachers. Saskia's versitility is remarkable. I appreciate the diverstity reflected in the music and the inclusion of more than one language; this is setting up children for success academically as well as providing a confidence level, as the setting is so whimsical. I am sure the kids will be dancing all the way thorugh; at 67 years old, that is what I have been doing as well as laughing, and that is a good thing. The lyrics are clear and simple - it is wonderful to see the collaboration - the family that sings together stays together!! I could relate to No Thumbsucking.... I remember spending time with my best friend named Thumb; that song like the others was well rendered. I enjoyed the teaching principle in the video. This CD is so refreshing. I can't wait for the release of the sequel.












Shelly G.

Ok so I'm pushing my 3 year old daughter on the swing yesterday and she starts singing her planets!!! She also knows how to count to 10 in cantonese and spanish and brushing her teeth is no longer a chore! Thank you Saskia :)  I wish I had this CD with my first child, he was a thumbsucker! AAAGGGHHH!



Melanie F.

Seriously buy this album. NOW! I forget it's a kid's album sometimes, the songs are that good!



Yannique D.

All in a Day's Play

I love this album! My daughter went crazy when she heard all the song's on the Cd. This has to be the best Children Cd I've ever purchased! My daughter stop singing all the songs from frozen and is now singing Mosquito One and Beddy Bye everyday! Saskia and her kids are extremely talented and I'm excited that someone came up with such an original Cd for the whole family to listen to!



Kirsten V.

Fun, Fun, Fun, Learn!!!

This is such a fun album, so many different kinds of music and the lyrics are so great! We ALL enjoy listening to this CD, even my husband. And it's cool how my kids are learning stuff without them their planets and counting in French!!! Who knew it could be as easy as that?



Jeannie S.


Fun, joyful, and so different than any other kids cd we've listened to! My little guys and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Highly recommend!



Robert G.

Just what we needed

We have been looking for music just like this! Having a 6 month year old, we find a lot of music to be monotonous and lacking the sparkle and taste of what the artist is singing about. We all know kids learn very fast, so to see our son positively react in different ways to every song, really sets us at ease. Thank you so very much! Awesome work...make more! :)


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All Music and Lyrics by Saskia Garel, with additional music by DAO on "What's The Magic Word?" and "Beddy Bye"
All songs Produced, Arranged, Recorded, and Mixed by DAO for Eclectic Entertainment, except: "Little Dab of Toothpaste", "Lisp Be Gone", "No Thumbsucking" (by Scott Hitchings)
All songs Co-Produced by Saskia Garel
Vocal and String Arrangements by DAO 
Additional Vocal Arrangements by Saskia Garel
Horn Arrangements by DAO, Kian Pasha and Dan Gonda

Lead Vocals: Saskia Garel
Background Vocals: Saskia Garel, DAO, Steven Allerick, and Evren Edler
Piano/Keyboards, Synth Bass: DAO and Scott Hitchings
Drum Programming: DAO and Scott Hitchings
Drums and Percussion: Sandro Feliciano
Bass: Evren Edler
Guitar: Ken Chan, Mike Jochum, DAO, Evren Edler, and Roland Garel
Sax: Dan Gonda and Amber Navran (Solo) 
Trumpet: Kian Pasha
Trombone: Esther Armendariz 
Cello: Judy Kang 
Violin: Rhea Fowler
Featured Vocal Stylings: Steven, Tristan and Micaiah Chen, Matthew,
Bronson and Trenton Garel and Stephen Cooney

This album is dedicated to my mommy Carole Garel and my gram Lucy McPherson who raised me and loved me unconditionally.  You both are gone too soon but I’m certain you are the “watch over angels” for my little ones.  

To my husband Steven who gave me the encouragement to finish this album when I thought it would never happen and for believing in me always. I love you.

To Tristan and Micaiah, for whom I do everything. Thanks for being featured on this album. You make every day worth living and raising you both never feels like work....always play, play, play. I love you nuff nuff.

To my dad Roland for your sweet guitar tinkles. We finally collaborated on something!

To my brother and his family, Matt, Joanna, Jordan, Bronson and Trenton, thanks for your input, for being a sounding board and for the great videos Jo :)  Mi love unoo like cook food...oh and boys, some of these songs were written for you specifically. You know which ones! LOL....

To Dizzle (DAO), it has been a long haul but we pulled it off! Thanks for your creative genius. It was a pleasure working with you and having you as a friend means the world to our family.

To Scott Hitchings and all the talented musicians who worked to make this album everything I imagined, thank you for sharing your gifts.
And finally to God, my eternal father, thank you for my life, my family, my friends, my talents and all your countless blessings.
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