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I am a mom/singer/songwriter/artist/actress/author. My musical inspirations vary from Ella Fitzgerald to Bob Marley to Bruno Mars to the Mambo Kings.


I used to be in a Canadian 90’s Pop Group   called   Love & Sas.  Seriously.  We won 2 Junos (Canadian Grammy Awards) for Best R&B Recording and when I went up on stage to accept the award, by myself, as Love had another gig that night, I was so nervous I forgot to thank her.  She got very upset and subsequently quit the group.  I lost the love so to speak.  Oops! Lesson learned--write your speech down and wear a dress with pockets so you don’t leave it in your brother’s suit jacket.  Anyhoo, I got to play a junkie stripper and a fierce lioness after that, in the two Broadway shows, Rent and The Lion King, so, in the end, it turned out okay.   Especially because that’s when I met my husband, the mane lion (see what I did there?) in Disney's, The Lion King and years later we made two adorable cubs whom I adore.   

I was sick of the music that was out there for my kids.  If I had to hear another sorry version of Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes, I don't know what I would have done.  I’d rather my kids learn the names of the planets or how to share or to count in Mandarin or conquer thumb sucking, lisping and potty training!  And I prefer to hear real instruments please!!!  I figured what may seem trivial to us as adults are of massive importance to a kid.  Just as important as butterflies in your tummy before your big presentation at work, or trying to quit smoking.  I saw my kids struggling with some things and saw that I could help them with the crazy, fun, hilarious songs that I concocted.   Other people started saying, “you should make an album, I’d buy it!”   So I did!  It’s called All in a Day’s Play. Technically I geared it toward kids but I know for a fact that moms and dads dig it too. 


Music is powerful because it can fool children into thinking they’re having fun when they’re actually learning something! My kids could read and spell and communicate at a very early age and I give thanks to music for that.  On this album, I tried to write songs that give a different perspective, for example, The Potty’s Song is from the toilet’s point of view--as a Louis Armstrong-sounding, hungry bowl in a porcelain palace begging, "feed me Number 1 and Number 2".


My two kids are the things I’m proudest of and if I can offer them an easier ride through life with music as my trusty collaborator…then play on!


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