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Paying for the Experience

I don't like spending a lot of money much to my husband's dismay. And although we don't agree on many things in regard to finance, he did teach something valuable that I try to adhere to for the sake of my family. When you spend money, look more at what joy it will bring as opposed to how it is breaking your bank account. Within reason of course. You don't want spoiled kids or a house full of stuff that will not bring you joy in a few months, a la Marie Kondo.

I mean we can always earn more money. We are capable adults that can hustle when needs be. But more so, hubby's attitude was, "look at the smile on our girl's face when she sat on that horse!" Yes, it was an expensive horse back ride, but it's something she will never forget. It's about the experience, not counting dollars. Another example? My 8 year old adores, no, worships Minecraft. I know. What 8-year-old boy doesn't? Well he plays it on dad's laptop and on the home computer and at his cousin's house for free, so when hubby found a Minecraft League that happened every Wednesday for 6 weeks and signed up our son for $80.00, well I don't need to tell you how incredulous I was! "He plays all the time for free, at home, why are we spending money to have him do so, somewhere else? Let alone the gas to get there and the traffic and the time it will cut into homework etc. etc." I said sweetly....not. He calmly replies, "honey, we're paying for the experience." Huh? Well, it turns out that although it was the same old Minecraft, he was actually going to be on a team with a group of other kids and they get to play in a movie theatre on a giant screen, and there are different themes each week and building competitions, and acquiring votes for the best builds and ranking and so on and so on. And to top if off, my husband recorded his reaction to learning what he would be doing for the next 6 weeks. His face lit up and he hopped up and down screaming, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!", over and over. That alone was worth more than $80.00. In fact it was priceless.

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